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Why the Digital NEST?


Why the Digital NEST?
A high school student has to sit outside her neighbor's door to access Wi-Fi to complete homework assignments. A college student uses three outdated computers to complete one research project, that is if he can generate a spark to power them up. These are only two of the many youth that need a place like the Digital NEST.

The Digital NEST STEM+C Project is a research-practice partnership between the research organization, ETR Associates and the Digital NEST, a community technology center that serves Latino/a high school students.The project aims to understand how to build the capacity of community-based technology centers to support computer science pathways, explore how relationships affect engagement and learning, and inform broader efforts to increase the number of Latino/a youth who pursue computer science.

See related video from the 2016 STEM for All Video Showcase that shows their impact since being funded in 2015.